Raise the Bar: Four ways to elevate your dessert table

Melissa Graham

When it comes to choosing a dessert for your next event, you don’t have to stop at a single option. Dessert bars are a big draw for guests who not only want more treats to choose from, but also want to indulge without the guilt. Below are four ways to make sure your guests leave happy — and full.

  1. Choose a theme

Whether you provide a select assortment of sweets or an over-the-top display of treats, a central theme will help tie the options together. A wide range of fruit-flavored desserts, from tarts to cheesecake bites or hand pies, is a less decadent idea, while a chocolate-themed dessert table is a definite crowd-pleaser.

  1. Make it interactive

Get your guests involved in a fun way by offering a build-your-own dessert bar. Gourmet s’mores are a gooey way to entice guests, while an ice cream sundae bar will add a touch of nostalgia.

  1. Get creative

Dessert doesn’t always mean cookies and cake. More unconventional goods, like doughnuts, rice krispy treats and homemade pop tarts, can also appeal to a small group or a large crowd.

  1. Return the favor

Instead of including a separate take-home gift for guests, turn your dessert table into a candy bar with bags for them to fill. They can snack on their selections throughout the event, and even refill their bag before heading home.

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